A trip down history lane
Enjoy a day at Nyhavn docks or in our very own little patio which is open in the summer months. The patio is surrounded by the old house façades with red bindings and yellow-colored masonry, and has not changed much since H.C. Andersen and Bournonville frequented Nyhavn more than 200 years ago.

Danish Open Sandwiches and
Classic dishes
in historic Nyhavn

Danish Open Sandwices
Welcome to Leonore Christine, where we serve classical Danish Open sandwiches at lunch. Try Our herring, roast pork, salmon, prawns or a lunch platter with homemade specialties.

Classic Danish evening courses
Our evening menu has both fish and meat dishes on it. Our dishes are always prepared with the best ingredients, freshly prepared and after classic danish recipes with a personal touch. As soon as the spring sun begins to show, you can enjoy the dishes under the parasols in the buzzing Nyhavn.