Lunch at Leonore Christine

Open SandwichesSmørrebrød

  • Marinated Herring
    dkr. 82,-
    with onion and capers
  • Spiced Herring
    dkr. 82,-
    with capers and onion
  • Curry Herring
    dkr. 82,-
    with boiled egg, onion and capers
  • Green chili marinated Herring
    dkr. 90,-
    With onions and capers
  • Fried Herring
    dkr. 90,-
    with fresh fruits mayonnaise and herbs on toasted ryebread
  • 3 different kinds of herring
    dkr. 125,-
    Spiced Herring: with capers and onion
    Marinated Herring: with onion and capers
    Curry Herring: with boiled egg, onion and capers
  • Beetroot Marinated Salmon
    dkr. 100,-
    with mustard citron mayo, herbs sauce and lotus crisps
  • Fishfillet
    dkr. 85,-
    Deep fried fillet of plaice with dark bread and remoulade
  • Egg and Shrimps
    dkr. 100,-
    With tempura prawns, avocado mayonnaise and herbs
  • Smoked salmon
    dkr. 90,-
    with dill dressing and green salad
  • Smoked Salmon
    dkr. 100,-
    with scrambled egg and asparagus
  • Stjerneskud
    dkr. 145,-
    with deep fried filet of plaice, shrimps, caviar, smoked salmon and avocado mayo
  • Roastbeef
    dkr. 85,-
    with fried onion, pickled cucumber and pickles
  • Pariserbøf
    dkr. 140,-
    Danish traditional style on butterfried bread
  • Potato salad
    dkr. 80,-
    with bacon, red onions and radices
  • Roasted Pork
    dkr. 100,-
    with home made cabbage mix and pickled cucumber
  • Tuna salad
    dkr. 100,-
    with green apples, challots, bell pepper and radishes
  • Tomato mozerella salad
    dkr. 85,-
    with mix salad, mixed pebers and pesto dressing
  • Crabcakes
    dkr. 115,-
    Homemade crabcakes with mixed salat, and tartar sauce
  • Vegetarien
    dkr. 100,-
    With mushrooms, artichoke, tomato, green apple, pomegranate, avacado and olives
  • Lunch Plate
    dkr. 195,-
    Marinated Herring, Potato salad, Fish filet, Roasted pork

Hot dishes

  • Beouf bearnaise
    dkr. 195,-
    with french fries, salad and bearnaise sauce
  • Grilled Salmon
    dkr. 190,-
    with baked baby potatoes, tartar sauce and mixed salad
  • Roasted pork
    dkr. 180,-
    with boiled baby potatoes, cabbage mix, red wine reduction and pickled cucumber
  • Fish ´N´ Chips
    dkr. 140,-
    with french fries, ”remoulade” and lemon
  • Fish burger
    dkr. 160,-
    with french fries, dill mayonnaise and lemon
  • Mix of mussels
    dkr. 155,-
    White wine marinated with mix of herbs and vegetables

    + French Fries  35,-

  • Fish Soup
    dkr. 190,-
    With salmon, tiger prawns, squid and mixed vegetables
  • Pumpkin soup
    dkr. 100,-
    With creme fraiche

The kids

  • Fish ‘N’ Chips
    dkr. 95,-
    with Green salad, french fries and remoulade
  • Fillet of veal 100 gr.
    dkr. 120,-
    with green salat, french fries and mayonnaise


  • Chocolate bomb
    dkr. 110,-
    spicy white chocolate mousse with raspberry, covered in dark chocolate
  • Passion fruit cheese cake
    dkr. 95,-
    with fresh fruits and raspberry coulis
  • Warm Apple pie
    dkr. 85,-
    with soured cream
  • Three different Ice creams
    dkr. 75,-
    with berries and dark chocolate sauce
  • Cheese Plate
    dkr. 110,-
    three different cheeses with cherry confit, olives, grapes and biscuit