Food at Leonore Christine


  • Chicken Burger
    dkr. 165,-
    Chicken filet, ketchup, mayonnaise, tomato, cucumber, onion, salad and cheese

    with French fries or veggie fries

  • Beef Burger
    dkr. 165,-
    Ketchup, mayonnaise, tomato, cucumber, onion, salad, cheese and bacon

    with French fries or veggie fries

  • Steak Burger
    dkr. 165,-
    Onion relish, mayonnaise, tomato, cucumber, salad and cheese

    with French fries or veggie fries

  • Veggie Burger
    dkr. 165,-
    Grilled portobello mushroom, onion, tomato, cucumber, tartar sauce, salad and cheese

    with French fries or veggie fries

  • Fish Burger
    dkr. 165,-
    Remoulade, onion, tomato, cucumber and salad

    with French fries or veggie fries

  • French Fries
    dkr. 60,-
    with dip
  • Veggie Fries
    dkr. 60,-
    with dip
  • Extra dip
    dkr. 20,-
    Remoulade, mayonnaise, aioli and ketchup


  • Mango Salad
    dkr. 130,-
    with mixed salad, pomegranate, grapes, blue cheese and sweet chili sauce

    – with chicken dkr.  160,-

  • Tomat Salad
    dkr. 130,-
    with avocado, leaves, salad, cheese and balsamic glace

    – with chicken dkr. 160,-


  • "Stjerneskud"
    dkr. 140,-
    Deep fried &  poached fillets of plaice served with mayonnaise, prawns, caviar and asparagus
  • Fillet of Plaice
    dkr. 80,-
    with “remoulade” and lemon
  • Chicken Salad
    dkr. 88,-
    on white bread, chicken, mushrooms and asparagus in mayonnaise with bacon, chives and curry
  • Roastbeef
    dkr. 85,-
    with “remoulade”, fried onions and horseradish
  • Prawns
    dkr. 95,-
    on white bread with mayonnaise, caviar and lemon
  • "Kartofffelmad"
    dkr. 75,-
    Potato with red onion, bacon, mayonnaise and chives

Herring Platter

  • dkr. 150,-
    Marinated herring with capers, onions and curry salad

    Spiced herring with onion and capers

    Curry herring with egg and capers

    Fried herring with horseradish, egg yolk, onion and capers


  • Courgette soup
    dkr. 100,-
    with fresh parmesan and creme fresh

Warm Dishes

  • Tagliatelle Pasta
    dkr. 185,-
    with mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers and prawns in creamy sauce
  • Oven baked salmon
    dkr. 200,-
    with salad and baked baby potatoes
  • Boeuf Béarnaise
    dkr. 210,-
    filet of beef, salad and French fries
  • Fish & Chips
    dkr. 145,-
    with “remoulade” and mixed salad


  • Chocolate Cake
    dkr. 85,-
    with vanilla ice cream
  • Selection of Ice
    dkr. 80,-
    vanilla and chocolate ice cream and raspberry sorbet served with fruits
  • Cheese Cake
    dkr. 95,-
    with mixed berries compote